Biz Tips: Mindfulness at Work

Mindfulness and meditation have not only become cultural buzz words, but have been embraced by top executives, celebrities, and even corporate tech giants like Google and Target. Mindfulness mediation has also been scientifically proven to increase memory and awareness, reduce stress, and help with focus and productivity. However, you don’t have to become a yogi or join your local transcendental mediation group to be more mindful. Here are a few tips to incorporate mindfulness at work.

1. Be Present – Consciously pay attention to your surroundings, what’s going on around you and in the workplace.
2. Start your Day with Quiet Time – Before you even get to work, set time aside for yourself. Even if only 10 minutes, take the time to drink your cup of coffee, eat breakfast, etc. without interruption, without looking at your phone.
3. Take a Break – After every few hours on the computer, not only should you rest your eyes, but you should rest your mind. Take 60 seconds, close your eyes, and take deep serene breaths to release tension and get refocused.
4. Exercise – Mediation may not be for you, so exercise your body. Whether walking, running, swimming – do something to engage and keep your body active. Physical activity relieves tension and will help you be more focused and productive at work.
5. Single-Task – We all think that multi-tasking helps us get more done when the opposite is actually true. Focus on and complete one task at a time. You will experience a sense of accomplishment which will in turn help you feel positive!
By Nyanza Shaw